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Find out what Bob Proctor said was better than anything he’d seen in 40+ years, and what he thought would sweep the world faster than The Secret.

Discover what Deepak Chopra recently said was “the next cutting edge technology of the Spirit.”

Enjoy experiencing what the President of Brain Engineering Laboratories said, “cultivates emotional and spiritual intelligence. [Through] unique blending of music with cognitive content, expressed by the world’s humanitarian leaders, [this] hastens the Relaxation Response, as opposed to the Flight/Flight response.”

Within 7 days of beginning the movement was already featured on Times Square

Times Square

A recent Wall Street Journal article reports: “Suicides are rising…though the cause is unclear.”

That is why this cause is so important right now!

The 10 Days to Touch 10 Million movement started as a grass-roots initiative to combat the increase of depression and suicide with inspirational media/music — and has already been featured on Times Square, and promoted through FaceBook/Twitter by hundreds and thousands of people, including recent promotion by Deepak Chopra, NFL players, CEOs, Music stars, and other remarkable people (like you!).

The media clips that are contributed for this cause contain inspirational spoken segments produced by 7-time Emmy award winning composer/producer Gary Malkin (co-creator of Graceful Passages: A companion for living and dying) – and are being spread through social media outlets, and face-to-face with homeless shelters, nursing homes, youth groups, and in homes by hundreds and thousands of people around the world. (Regarding the message in the first WisdomFilm, see note about Nelson Mandela)

While traditional media often focuses on things more superficial, we wanted to take a deeper approach to this day. Here’s why:

  • Approximately 1 out of 10 adults suffer from a depressive disorder
  • 14.5% of students in grades 9-12 seriously considered suicide in the previous 12 months
  • Everyone, will at some time in their life be affected by depression — their own or someone else’s
  • 1 in 3 are currently experiencing some degree of loneliness or fear
  • Every forty seconds another person commits suicide
  • This week, even the Wall Street Journal published an article about the increase in suicide rates.

One of the most sad things is that because we are so good at wearing a mask, it is possible that even the people closest to you might be the ones who feel this fear and loneliness, without you even being aware of how deep it is.

So starting the end of November, 2009 we started a movement in 10 a day period that is growing to touch over 10 million people.

**Results of movement so far
We have done something awesome together, which has already touched a Times Squaremassive amount of people, and will continue to grow and make a needed difference during this holiday season and beyond!

It is very difficult to put a number to the amount of people touched so far (*see note below on all the distribution channels), but we have no doubt that with your help, this work will grow to reach many, many more than just 10 million.

Some examples of all the people that were touched in some way:

  • Video and/or event already posted on nearly 4,000 FaceBook pages – and in hundreds of thousands of FaceBook feeds
  • Twitter buzz, promotion, and recognition from so many, including Deepak Chopra, NFL players, CEOs, and other remarkable people (like you!)
  • Newsletters & emails (through the viral inviter, and other methods) that went out and will go out to millions of people
  • Posts of video and discussions of it in online communities and listserves, distribution of video through YouTube, and dozens of other video sharing tools
  • Coverage by media (radio, newspaper, TV) with significant amount of listeners/viewers (e.g. posts will go on over 50K blogs and news media pages)
  • Movement was featured on the Times Square megatron,
  • Street team and others downloading the film to show in shelters, homes, youth groups, and churches around the world…
  • And on and on – efforts that will continue and touch millions of lives long into the future

We received hundreds of emails and messages from people who were touched by the message, and thankful that it was a part of their holidays.

And the movement continues…

Press Release:




Dr. Clint Rogers
10 Days to Touch 10 Million This Thanksgiving Season
(New York, NY) Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The 10 Days to Touch 10 Million campaign is an opportunity to express gratitude for life and share with those around us a free, four-minute WisdomFilm™ at that reminds them how much their life matters and how much they have to give to the world.

In addition to providing a vehicle that helps loved ones connect on a deeper level this
Thanksgiving, we want to make sure that this message reaches those who need to hear it most of all. These are a few of the reasons why we created our audacious goal to reach 10 million through a viral Internet campaign and why we need your help:

  • 1 out of 10 adults suffer from a depressive disorder
  • 14.5% of students in grades 9-12 considered suicide this year
  • 1 in 3 individuals are experiencing some degree of loneliness or fear
  • Every forty seconds someone commits suicide

Unfortunately, because we as humans are often so good at wearing masks to hide our pain, it is possible that even the people closest to us may feel depressed, lonely, or afraid right now and we may not even know it. In light of the current economic situation, there are even more individuals silently struggling.

Together we can touch 10 million lives – and reach that one person who needs it now most of all. What if that one person is someone you love? Please watch the video and share it with those you love at

Special thanks to Gary Malkin, seven-time Emmy award-winning composer and producer; internationally acclaimed cinematographer Louis Schwartzberg of BlackLight Films; and Wisdom of the World for creating this beautiful WisdomFilm™ and for allowing us to give it away to the world for such an important cause.


For more information on the 10 Days to Touch 10 Million campaign, please go You
also contact Dr. Clint Rogers 
directly via phone at 310-494-6085, through email at, or by visiting his blog at:

News Stories:
NewsBlaze: 10 Days to Touch 10 Million This Thanksgiving Season

(NewsBlaze is a leading distributor of news and press releases, with 7 million readers.)

CNN iReports:

Dr. Clint Rogers –

Lethia Owens –

Media events:

Interview series – see

November 24th Live Broadcast interview with Les Brown (hip-talkin morning DJ, world-renowned public speaker, & 3-term legislator) & special guest, at the Weingart Center, Los Angeles.

“There are 75,000 homeless people in Los Angeles. The Weingart Center Association gives homeless men and women the skills, tools, resources and hope they need to break the cycle of homelessness and lead self-sufficient lives. The Weingart Center Association is WHERE TRANSFORMATION HAPPENS…”

Digital Streaming of event by Digital Stream TV.

CNN iReport of the visit to the homeless shelter in LA is posted here:

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